What to do if your contents are stolen from your car during theft

Auto theft or the theft of things within your vehicle can be frustrating and heartbreaking. What’s worse is that many auto insurance companies don’t cover your losses in the event of a theft, even if the entire vehicle is stolen. Auto theft costs billions every year and it’s a shame that the insurance companies don’t always cover for your loss.

Do not trust the manufacturer car theft prevention devices installed in your motor vehicle completely. Experienced thieves can get through these devices and can steal your car or its contents. Aftermarket devices for anti-theft tend to be better than manufacturer installed devices so consider these to avoid theft from your vehicle.

You should contact the police immediately when you have a loss from your vehicle. Fingerprints can be taken and there may be witnesses to the theft that can provide you with important identifying information as to who might have stolen your vehicle. You should always lock your vehicle, if nothing else; to make sure the thief has to work to get into your vehicle to get your stuff. It takes time to get into a locked, vehicle so more people can witness the person near your vehicle and it may deter some thieves. Keep a copy of the license number and VIN number of vehicle in case it is stolen.

Make no assumptions that your insurance will cover you. Some will and it is spelled out in your insurance policy. If your entire car is stolen, some insurance companies will pay for a rental after a waiting period but others will not cover for anything. You sometimes have to specify that you want a rental car if your car is stolen and it costs only a little bit every month to have this special coverage on your insurance plan.

The best way to protect your car from being stolen out of is not to pay so much in expensive anti-theft devices or to count on your insurance company to bail you out if something is stolen out of your car; instead, it is better to use common sense about auto theft. You need to park in areas that are well-lit so it can be a deterrent to thieves. Don’t park near the exit of a parking lot as this allows thieves to slip out easier with your goods or with your car. Use your garage (if possible) to store your car as more than a third of all stolen cars and stuff taken out of cars occurs when the vehicle is at the owner’s primary residence. Lock your car, even if you are at home.

It is the rare insurance company that will cover for losses inside your vehicle unless they offer it as a special feature you can sign up for and pay extra money for. You need to read the fine print to see if there is a limit on the value of the item stolen and you need to make sure you don’t keep things in your car overnight or in isolated places, even if you have locked your vehicle.

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